The Funky Cactus – A Boutique Store for Funky Flora.

Hi Guys 😀

If you LOVE Cacti and Succulents and Houseplants and you live in the U.K then I have some very good news for you, I have been asked to be an affiliate for the most INCREDIBLE Cactus and Succulent and Houseplant Store called The Funky Cactus.

The Funky Cactus

I am so happy to let you know that there is a very Special 20% discount offer on all purchases from The Funky Cactus via my Affiliate link HERE: for all of my UK Followers available until 26th May 2023.


The Funky Cactus is an amazing boutique store based in Leeds England, and is owned by a super Funky Couple called Nicola and Tony who are passionate about plants, as well as an awesome shop and website they also have an Etsy shop, The Funky Cactus have an outstanding track record for providing a great customer experience.

The Funky Cactus have a really awesome selection of Cacti and Succulents and Houseplants as well as beautiful Terrariums and pots, so do go and check out their incredible range of exotic plants that they have for sale and because there is a special 20% discount offer via my Affiliate link until the 26th May 2023 go and click on the link and grab yourself a bargain or two.

As an Affiliate for The Funky Cactus it means that I get a small commission with each purchase that goes through my Affiliate link: and by following the affiliate link it really helps to support me.

The Funky Cactus
Affiliate link for your special 20% discount offer available until 26th May 2023:

I have filmed a special unboxing video for my You Tube Channel called Desert Plants of Avalon, where I unbox awesome Cacti and Succulents from The Funky Cactus, and you will see just how healthy and beautiful the plants from The Funky Cactus are, do watch the Funky unboxing video below.

Wishing all you plant growers a Funky Cactus Powered Day.